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Society for Men's Health, Singapore.

The Society for Men’s Health, Singapore (SMHS) was founded by Professor Peter Lim to provide an organisation to foster friendship, understanding and mutual encouragement on healthy ageing. It hopes to create among the community and government an awareness of the special needs and solicit their cooperation and assistance for the betterment of the male population in Singapore.


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Academy for Men's Health.

The Academy for Men’s Health is managed under the auspices of the Society for Men’s Health.


As the field of men’s health is rapidly progressing with new modalities and treatment, the doctor on the ground will want to be updated on the latest developments. This is especially so in the age when men are living longer, and they are becoming increasingly concerned with issues of quality of life.


The academy aims to upgrade academic training and professional developmment to generalists and specialists who are intersted in the field men’s health studies, making them confident in providing the latest and the best advice for men’s health.


Dean               :           Professor Peter Lim Huat Chye

Vice Dean       :           Dr Lim Kok Bin 




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